At RCCG Covenant Restoration Assembly, our ministries are the heartbeat of our church. They are diverse avenues through which we serve, connect, and grow together as a community of believers. Whether you’re seeking fellowship, service opportunities, or spiritual growth, there’s a place for you here.


Our Men’s Ministry is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, leadership, and community among men. Through Bible studies, and fellowship events we strive to build godly men who impact their families and communities for Christ.


The Women’s Ministry provides a nurturing space for women to connect, share, and grow in their faith. We focus on Bible study, prayer, outreach, and support, empowering women to live out their faith in every aspect of life.


Our youth ministry, for ages 20-35, is dedicated to 'Making a Difference for Eternity' (M.A.D.E). This vibrant group empowers young adults to live out their faith through deep Bible study, engaging social events, and impactful outreach.


Tailored for teenagers, this ministry addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of teenage years. We offer engaging Bible teachings, fellowship, and service opportunities, helping teens to grow in faith and character.


Our Children’s Ministry creates a fun and safe environment for children to learn about Jesus. Through age-appropriate Bible lessons, activities, and games, we nurture young hearts and minds in the love and knowledge of God.


The Choir Ministry uplifts and inspires through music. Open to all who love to sing and worship, this ministry enhances our services and special events, and provides a platform for members to develop and share their musical talents.

Other Ministries You Can Join

We offer a range of ministries to suit different interests and talents. Get involved and find your place in our church family.

Our Counselling Ministry offers guidance and support, providing a safe, confidential space for individuals to seek spiritual and emotional counsel.

The Media Ministry handles all aspects of audio-visual production, social media, and communication, playing a crucial role in spreading God’s word and connecting our church with the community.

Dedicated to maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for worship, our Sanctuary Keepers are the unsung heroes who ensure our church is a beautiful, orderly place for everyone.

The Transport Ministry provides safe and reliable transportation for church activities, ensuring that everyone has access to our services and events.

Our Ushers serve as the first point of contact for visitors and members, ensuring everyone feels welcome and comfortable during our services and events.

This ministry focuses on providing practical assistance and support to those in need, both within our church and in the wider community.

Committed to sharing the Gospel, this ministry engages in evangelism and follow-up activities, reaching out to new believers and those seeking to know more about Christ.

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