Don’t Stop Shooting


In a powerful sermon by Deacon Taiwo Aboyade, we are reminded of the vital importance of perseverance in our spiritual battles. Drawing inspiration from 2 Kings 13:14-19, the sermon underscores the necessity of not giving up in our pursuit of God’s promises, no matter the challenges we face.

The Biblical Foundation: 2 Kings 13:14-19

The sermon centers on a compelling narrative from 2 Kings, where Elisha, on his deathbed, instructs King Joash of Israel to shoot arrows as a symbol of victory over Syria. The King’s half-hearted response, shooting only three times, signifies incomplete victory, drawing Elisha’s ire. This story serves as a metaphor for our spiritual journey – a reminder that half-measures in our faith can lead to incomplete victories.

Key Lessons from the Sermon
  • Persistence in Prayer: Just as King Joash needed to keep shooting arrows, we are called to be persistent in our prayers. The sermon emphasizes that prayer is not just a last resort but a powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal.
  • Full Commitment to God: The king’s lack of complete dedication to God serves as a warning. We must not treat God as a mere problem-solver but strive for a deep, committed relationship with Him.
  • The Importance of Small Acts of Faith: The sermon highlights that small acts of obedience in faith can lead to significant spiritual victories. We must pay attention to the ‘little things’ God asks of us.
  • God’s Mercy and Grace: Despite the king’s flaws and half-heartedness, God’s mercy is evident. This is a reminder of God’s grace, ready to embrace us despite our shortcomings.
Application: Living Out the Message
  • Deepening Our Prayer Life: We should strive to strengthen our prayer life, not as a ritual but as a sincere conversation with God.
  • Obedience to God’s Will: Like Elisha guiding King Joash, we should seek and follow God’s guidance in all aspects of our lives.
  • Overcoming Spiritual Complacency: We are encouraged to move beyond spiritual complacency, continually seeking growth and deeper understanding of our faith.
  • Embracing God’s Mercy: Acknowledging and accepting God’s mercy can transform our spiritual journey, encouraging us to strive for a more profound commitment to God.

“Don’t Stop Shooting” is not just a call to action; it’s a call to a deeper, more resilient faith. As we face our daily battles, let us remember King Joash’s lesson and commit to a full, unwavering pursuit of God’s will in our lives.